Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Up Here!

Brrrr, weather report is for sub-zero temps at night this weekend and only up into the single numbers during the day! Well, it is late January, and it is Maine. This means that work at the Lodge will be confined to the basement until temperatures become more reasonable. It hardly makes sense to try to heat up the entire building which takes the best part of a day to do, only to have one day of warmth when there is plenty to do in the basement which hangs in there at around 34 degrees no matter what the outside temps. A little space heater to occassionally warm the fingers and we are good to work.

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Katrina Allen said...

It sounds so crazy that it's warmer to work in the basement! But it's even crazier that you guys consider 34 degrees warm enough to work...ha! I would be freezing my toosh off!