Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Allen Family Christmas Snow

Although we had a magical snow just a week before Christmas, we had a warm rain before the big day actually arrived. This took most of the snow away for "Real Christmas". It didn't matter too much because we had the forecast of snow on the 26th which was to be the Allen Family Christmas... and it was not to start until after all the kids had arrived safely at the Lodge. I was secretly hoping it would be an even bigger storm than it turned out to be so we would all get snowed-in! I took this photo just before dark. It looks like Mother Nature is decorating with Christmas balls of her own! We got another 8-10 inches giving us the chance to romp in the snow the next morning. It was a bit much for the kids who were not so fond of sledding despite Dad and Grandad making an excellent snow ramp down the Lodge stairs... and not so fond of trying to walk in snow up to their crotches.... They got a crash course in snow angels then it was down to "high ground" in the playhouse until fingers began to freeze.

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