Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Buildings...not Babies!

I have realized that since Dad and I are happy to turn the childbearing over to you girls... that we are now obsessed with bringing buildings into the world! Welcome,
the newest Oak Hill
Lodge building...
the greenhouse!
Although we have a ways to go, we made amazing
strides on Memorial Day and, to my surprise even wrestled the glass top up a ladder and into position seven feet in the air! The greenhouse is 8 foot square with a two foot extension for a tool and pot storage area on the back. We are going to attempt to do the remainder of the roof also in glass and as of this writing, the base will either be white cedar shakes, fake Eldorado stone or fake brick... depending largely on cost. Stay tuned for updates!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Hardest of Lessons

This is the Gerald & Alice Allen Garden at the Lodge. It was the first garden put in and it has already undergone several transformations. I am beginning to understand that the term, "The Trial and Error Gardens of Pam Allen", is not a bad name, and that in fact, most gardeners, save the unadventurous, should name their gardens the same. What is deemed to be "invasive" and what is not, is quite bewildering. My Bee Balm (Monarda) for example, or Feverfew which were both planted in this garden started out as well behaved fine specimens who are now vying for virtually every square inch of unplanted (or planted for that matter) soil that they can find. I am to deduce that they escape the label "invasive" simply because they are easy to pull up unlike some of their weed friends with tap roots half way to China! So, my dilemna becomes, how much of these renagade plants do I want? Is it wise to transplant them to yet another garden where they will torment me with their prolific nature, or do I (contrary to my nature) ... pull & discard?
I think this to be one of the great questions in gardening!

Daffodils Fading, Tulips Take Over

"To everything there is a season...", seems I've heard that somewhere before. Well, no sooner has the color of the daffodils faded from a brilliant, scorching sun yellow to the color of butter pats; than my tulips have pushed open their indescribable, molten red petals to show off their yellow throats. The gardens begin Stage 3 of their spring bloom. The crocuses, pussywillows and forsythia gave way to the daffodils who have now surrendered to the tulips... and the peonies are not far behind!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ahhh, the Return of Spring to Oak Hill

Gardening is a lot like banking... every year, I make more investments in bulbs, and every year I am paid back in the spring with dividends in the form of gorgeous spring blooms. I keep adding... they keep multiplying... and slowly but surely... Mother Earth pushes forth a more spectacular show than she did the year before. There is no more fabulous reward for the toils and cold fingers of the fall planting than the April, May and early June garden.

Oak Hill Lodge Celebrates Kat's 30th Birthday!

Saturday, May 2 was the day we celebrated Kat's entry into her third decade of life! The Lodge played host to a barbecue in her honor. Pulled pork roasted on the grill tickled guests appetites as they played corn hole and bocce ball while enjoying a perfect, warm and sunny day! Barbecue King Eric served up hamburgers and hot dogs, Wisconsin folk brought along brats and sauerkraut, and there were salads and condiments to round out the menu. Kat made a fabulous sangria, aided by advice from Erica to grant reprieve from the first round of summer ales. Guests were convinced they had arrived at the right spot by the large "glowing" 30 displayed (much to Kat's chagrin) on the front of the Lodge as well as the pink balloons and streamers.