Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Buildings...not Babies!

I have realized that since Dad and I are happy to turn the childbearing over to you girls... that we are now obsessed with bringing buildings into the world! Welcome,
the newest Oak Hill
Lodge building...
the greenhouse!
Although we have a ways to go, we made amazing
strides on Memorial Day and, to my surprise even wrestled the glass top up a ladder and into position seven feet in the air! The greenhouse is 8 foot square with a two foot extension for a tool and pot storage area on the back. We are going to attempt to do the remainder of the roof also in glass and as of this writing, the base will either be white cedar shakes, fake Eldorado stone or fake brick... depending largely on cost. Stay tuned for updates!


Jessica Jay said...

Beautiful! I can just picture the seedlings LOVING LIFE in that greenhouse.

Erica Allen said...

That looks amazing. I can't believe you guys snuck that in on such a busy weekend! You guys never seize to amaze me.