Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Hardest of Lessons

This is the Gerald & Alice Allen Garden at the Lodge. It was the first garden put in and it has already undergone several transformations. I am beginning to understand that the term, "The Trial and Error Gardens of Pam Allen", is not a bad name, and that in fact, most gardeners, save the unadventurous, should name their gardens the same. What is deemed to be "invasive" and what is not, is quite bewildering. My Bee Balm (Monarda) for example, or Feverfew which were both planted in this garden started out as well behaved fine specimens who are now vying for virtually every square inch of unplanted (or planted for that matter) soil that they can find. I am to deduce that they escape the label "invasive" simply because they are easy to pull up unlike some of their weed friends with tap roots half way to China! So, my dilemna becomes, how much of these renagade plants do I want? Is it wise to transplant them to yet another garden where they will torment me with their prolific nature, or do I (contrary to my nature) ... pull & discard?
I think this to be one of the great questions in gardening!

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