Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

A beautiful day at Oak Hill. A stereotypical Maine Easter with temps in the mid to high 50's but with some stubborn spots of snow and ice to remind you that winter has only begun to relent its icy grip. Thank goodness for mud boots! Some of the daffodils are up a good four inches. The crocuses are beginning to bloon and even the tulips and perennials are beginning to show their green sprouts. We missed Jess and fam, but the rest of us had a wonderful day full of jelly beans and chocolate eggs and of course, ham and lamb prepared by Pam!
Oh how warm and cozy! Now we can finish up the masonry work and clean up the bricks and then comes the floor, then the walls, then the really fun part... DECOR! I have so many ideas spinning in my head I just can't wait! There are so many things in the upstairs of the Lodge that have just been waiting for the Root Cellar Pub to be completed, it will be great to move them to their real home.
Another little girl joins the Oak Hill Lodge Crew! What fun she will have running around with her cousins and playing hide and go seek with Nana and Gran. We are so happy to have your little soul in our family. Joined the ranks February 16, 2013.