Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter Wonderland

This has been a very unusual winter for Maine. The weatherman says it is something to do with El Nino... but two days before Christmas, we were blessed with this wintry site at the Lodge.
It didn't last long... three days later there wasn't a trace, but hopefully we will get some in time for the Allen Family Christmas.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Well, that doesn't happen to be what he is reading to this fetching group of red-heads at the moment, but hopefully we can convince him to do so once again before all the little ones have to tuck into their beds on our "mock Christmas Eve". Of course, there will be two more then... Uncle Pat will have to have a BIG lap!

The Kitchen Lay in Wait for the Feasting to Begin

The Lodge kitchen is ready to prepare the feast... which due to the ages of the grandbabies will feature "Food to be Grazed Upon" for Allen Family Christmas dinner. One thing growing older has taught me, there are no traditions that can't be morphed to fit the needs of an ever-growing family... but yet keep them similar enough that the warm the cockles of the original members of that family! The secret is to just be flexible...hmmm, seems that might apply to many things!

A Christmas Wonderland!

No one could come through the doors of Oak Hill Lodge and wonder what was the season! We are trimmed from the beams on down! It is a labour of love to be sure... although Eric did ask me if there was the slightest possibility that I had OCD... imagine that!

Our Field Tree-Enhanced!

After adding 15 branches by Eric's "expert drilling technique"... we ended up with a really beautiful 18 foot tree for the Lodge. Now we anxiously await the arrival of Allen Family Christmas to see it as it should be, surrounded by presents!

Are You Sure Santa Will Fit Down That Chimney?

What is more precious than the expressions of children? I couldn't help but put the caption about Santa to this photo, as Miss P looks like one of Santa's elves herself! Just the perfect little darling! Can't wait for Allen Family Christmas to see her again!