Monday, September 8, 2014

Stairtower Progress

As of Sunday, August 31st, we officially connected "Upstairs/Downstairs"! I had predicted that we would be less likely to use the Pub until that connection was made despite Eric's predictions that the short trip around the building would be no big deal. Christmas vacation of last year when the Pub had only been recently completed proved my suspicions as we had lots of snow and ice by that time and meals transported by tray to the Pub were often times quite cooled down and peppered with snow flakes by the time we went to eat them. Not to mention the risk of carrying a tray full of food and drink across icy driveways was not ideal. Even when spring came there were the spring rains, and mud season to contend with. The other and perhaps the biggest problem is that we never stop working on whatever the project may be until dark which in summer means nine or later and by the time we get showered, make dinner and get ready to settle in and watch a bit of TV, the upstairs area seems more inviting as the bedroom is only feet away and we are feeling pretty tired by that point.  There was also the problem of water coming in under the door in the winter and onto the Pub floor. Even so there is a drain, it was not a good situation to have it come in whenever there was a big snow followed by a drastic thaw. The ground was so frozen there was no where for the water to go but into the Pub as the land sloped in that direction from both sides to allow for the daylight basement.
So, Eric insisted that I make the "maiden voyage" as I had done so on the stairs to the loft. Oh, what a feeling! It is AWESOME! Makes life so simple to be able to run upstairs for forgotten items. I just LOVE it!
This weekend Eric worked on closing in and venting the eaves while I built out the window jams to allow for the addition of 2" or polyiso on the outside along with the strapping and finally the board and batten siding. We will also insulate the inside walls with 6 inches of fiberglass insulation and run some polyiso on the ceiling after the vents and bats are in place. The Lodge is so well insulated we do not want to allow any heat loss from this new addition. Ultimately, it should actually help as it will become the new entryway so that the blast of cold does not come directly into the main room of the Lodge. 

Tomatoes, Tomatoes, and More Tomatoes!

Since Eric is known more to eat chocolate and chips... I am happy to grow as many of the cherry tomatoes as I can. He LOVES them and can eat 50 or so a day... it is just like having a candy dish sitting out with a four year old!

Gardens of Mid September

I love to play up the yellow in the gardens around Acorn Cottage. 

I can't get enough of this planter... with its love lies bleeding, morning glory, begonia and scented geranium. 

Gypsy enjoys an early morning stroll among the deck planters. 

I love the way the phlox punctuates the colors of the rudbekia and the fuchia phlox

The marigolds which were started at Raymond Court are magnificent!

The view from the field down toward Acorn Cottage.

Sum and substance beside a sedum offer a beautiful color combination. 

The sea holly adds a welcome touch of blue to the sea of greens, yellows and white of the hostas.

The hostas are showing some signs of stress from the heat and from a few munchy slugs, but overall still look great.

Houtuynia grows more pink as the season goes by.

The rose garden is still offering up blossoms. The morning glory vine I planted to help cover the arbor until the climbing rose gets up there is really beautiful. It must benefit from the heavy feedings I give the roses as I have never seen leaves so large on a morning glory. 

Remember this same shot when it was spring... note, I still have the forsythia wreath on the screen house door!

The white phlox just glows even at twilight.

One of the yellow roses in the rose garden.
I just can't get enough of my gardens. I love EVERY stage of their development from dreaming about their expansion, to the plant selection, the hardscape design, and yes, even the digging. It is so rewarding, it fills my soul.  The gardens are ever changing and it is fun to see what each spring, summer, and fall month bring to blossom.