Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Robert Chester Bartlett a/k/a Uncle Bob Passes

It is so sad that my dear Uncle Bob passed away at the age of 86 while visiting his son Scott and his wife Mary Beth and their son River in Hawaii. He died peacefully, in his sleep which brings me much comfort. The fact that he was off on yet another adventure when he passed was a very fitting way for the uncle I loved very much to have left this earth. I will miss the ability to SEE his reaction to the progress we have made on the Lodge between his visits... though I strongly believe it will be easier than ever for him to see it! The adventure he set us off on, ten years ago, when he gifted us the land in Nobleboro where now stands our beloved Lodge has been an incredible one; full of lots of learning, lots of close family times, lots of ceremonies and most of all, lots of laughter. We thank him.