Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We have yet another visitor at the Lodge! We hope he stays around for a long time. Drew and Vanessa got to hear him when last they visited. After hearing him again this weekend, we decided to try to discover what he was. Lucky for us, his song is VERY distinctive, so we didn't need Ranger Rick to figure out who our new friend was. Another wonderful sound to hear in the night! Check out this video to see and more importantly hear how lucky we are!

YouTube - Coyote cub singing - BBC wildlife

We have a new family living near the Lodge! We have yet to see them but we hear them all the time. When Ken and Kathy were up last weekend, they heard them. Frightened by the train which passes nearby, they broke into their usual chorus much to Ken's awe. It is an eery sound to be sure and one that makes the hair on the back of one's neck stand on end. Our first knowledge of their existence was last summer when Eric was out at the grill and the wonderful aroma of steak cooking must have enticed them to come closer to the Lodge than their usual comfort zone. By the sounds, a good sized pack was rustling through the undergrowth just on the far side of the stone wall. Luckily the dogs were inside with me, but to be sure things stayed that way, Eric ran inside to warn me of our visitors. I had already heard them and was simultaneously running out to check on Eric. He grabbed a 2x4 to keep by his side while finishing his grilling just in case the smell got the best of the coyotes. Since that time, we have never had them come quite so close, but we hear them most every evening and throughout the night. I love the sound but we are cautious to get the dogs inside whenever their chorus indicates their proximity to the Lodge. Found this short video on You Tube that I thought you might enjoy.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Beautiful September Day

After just having three amazingly beautiful days off for Labor Day Weekend, I guess I could be accused of being a little greedy to wish for more but the sun rising through the trees giving the promise of yet another gorgeous day, did leave me yearning to pretend I didn't realize it was Tuesday morning and spend yet another day at Oak Hill.

A Visit to Fernwood...

... and there are nine more hostas in Oak Hill Gardens! Such a fun adventure that took us all the way up to Swanville and Montville, Maine on Sunday. We were in search of a shade garden nursery called Fernwood that we had heard of from the people who own Plainview Farms. Rick Sawyer is the owner, a wonderful, knowledgable man with a very down-to-earth attitude about gardening and an amazing selection of hostas as well as other shade-loving plants. I envy his ability to distinguish varieties. He made sure the plants I bought were well tagged before I took them. We actually spent far more time just chit-chatting with him, as we were his only customer during the two hours we were there. He told us how he really isn't the best of businessmen as he gets much more joy selling his hosta to someone who buys a few they really love and have an interest in their characteristics as compared to the person with the landscaper that comes in to buy hundreds of dollars worth with no love of the plants themselves. He also opened my eyes to an idea which is right up my alley. Hosta theme gardens! The hosta cultivar often times bear very unusual names and apparently some hosta collectors take advantage of these names when planting. He told us of one such gardener who had a "Naughty Garden" planted with such varieties as "Striptease", "Hanky Panky", "Climax", etc. Although it would require some moving, looks like theme gardens such as this could definitely be in the forecast for Oak Hill.

Up Go the Walls!

Despite the absolutely beautiful September day we were blessed with yesterday, Eric and I forced ourselves to stay inside and put up sheetrock. We had set a goal of doing just one side of the wall, but ended up doing BOTH. It looks incredible! Now comes the mudding, but meanwhile, I can start figuring my paint colors! The little mahogany set that was downstairs fits perfectly in the new upstairs seating area. So, at least we know the color will have to blend with deep red!