Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We have yet another visitor at the Lodge! We hope he stays around for a long time. Drew and Vanessa got to hear him when last they visited. After hearing him again this weekend, we decided to try to discover what he was. Lucky for us, his song is VERY distinctive, so we didn't need Ranger Rick to figure out who our new friend was. Another wonderful sound to hear in the night! Check out this video to see and more importantly hear how lucky we are!


Gigi said...

Amazing! You folks are so fortunate to have such a gorgeous visitor. We have been seeing and hearing many interesting birds on Peaks. Our place is between the ocean and a salt marsh, so we get a great mix of sea and field birds. Among my favorites are the cedar waxwings and the sandpipers, but I love 'em all!

Hope you're well. My mum was out here for a visit the other day and we had a blast!

xo Gigi

Oak Hill Princess said...

Oh, that is sooooo great that you were able to free yourself from some of the restraints that life tends to bind you with to get to spend some time out on Peaks. Our dear friend was just married to a new friend out on Peaks two weekends ago. Apparently, she had spent 6 years living out there and still loves it dearly.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

They are in my back garden making that very same noise as I type this!! Such a magical sound!