Monday, May 4, 2009

Oak Hill Lodge Celebrates Kat's 30th Birthday!

Saturday, May 2 was the day we celebrated Kat's entry into her third decade of life! The Lodge played host to a barbecue in her honor. Pulled pork roasted on the grill tickled guests appetites as they played corn hole and bocce ball while enjoying a perfect, warm and sunny day! Barbecue King Eric served up hamburgers and hot dogs, Wisconsin folk brought along brats and sauerkraut, and there were salads and condiments to round out the menu. Kat made a fabulous sangria, aided by advice from Erica to grant reprieve from the first round of summer ales. Guests were convinced they had arrived at the right spot by the large "glowing" 30 displayed (much to Kat's chagrin) on the front of the Lodge as well as the pink balloons and streamers.

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