Monday, June 1, 2009

Update on the Greenhouse

PHASE 2 of the greenhouse construction meant doing the extensions for the two pieces of the roof and hanging the windows for the sides. We used the glass that my Dad had held onto for years hoping to one day build his own greenhouse. It had come from either J.J. Newberry store shelving, or possibly when Dyer's tore down one of their greenhouses, I can't recall. The side windows once hung in the Bath City Hall and were rescued by Eric when he saw them ripping them out and tossing them in a dumpster! We also finished the peak of the back wall and the two lower portions of the front. We came home armed with measurements to either find or build the two front windows and the double french doors thereby closing it in. Since I am usually the one to do the progress photos, I asked Eric to take a turn. He got very artsy, taking photos of the inside as well as the outside. I moved the bistro table into the space so next visit I think a glass of wine is in order!


Aunt VV said...

You've wanted a greenhouse for a long time... glad you now have one. And its so cool that you're able to construct one from so many hand-me-down pieces. I can't wait to see what its like in person. The pictures are great.

Erica Allen said...

That looks incredible! What an amazing job you guys did putting it up, and so fast! It fits the feel of the Lodge just perfectly!

Jessica Jay said...

Beautiful! I can just picture a glorious wedding there someday soon.