Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ready, Set.... Well, at least we're ready!

This fall, we managed to complete, (minus a couple trim boards) the driveway end of the Lodge peak. We did the opposite end in time for Erica and Casey's wedding, but this one was of less importance so we waited until fall. Although we have already done a fair amount of research on zero clearance wood burning fireplaces, we have decided that such a big expense, around $8,000 without the chase built, deserves more consideration, so we backed off our big push to get it in for this heating season. We have left the open area ready to build the chase as soon as our decision seems right. We are now discussing the "Mud Room" entryway we wish to put on this end, to help with the blast of cold which enters the Lodge each time the center front door is opened. We hope to also get that underway next summer. In the meantime, we will just enjoy... no more "tinfoil"... insulation showing on the building!

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