Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spring at the Lodge-2011

Ahh, the smell of mud, the blooming of the daffodils...that last patch of icy snow on the far side of the field where the shadows of the pines let it survive far beyond the temperature readings should allow. Ever so slowly, the hostas send up their pointy shoots, promising the large leaves July and August will bring. A wonderful time of year, full of life, full of surprises, full of GREEN! There is much work to be done. Branches to clean up from the winter's storms, or that need pruning as the weight of the snow has trained them to lower the canopy we work hard to maintain over the hosta bed. There is fertilizing to be done, edging the plant beds, and lots of fine tune cleaning between the emerging perennials. Of course, there are also the obligatory visits to my favorite nurseries and to Fedco's Tree Sale as well as the frequent arrivals of mail order boxes of harder to find delights to add to my gardens. Ahhh, spring....

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