Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Gardens Are Ever-Changing

The right side of the front garden when planted in 2008.
Note the forsythia several feet to the right of the birdbath. 

The left side front garden, also planted in 2008.
Note the forsythia to the left of the yellow sign.

The forsythias in their prime added welcome spring color to the front of the Lodge. 
This photo was taken in June of 2015. As you can see, the gardens in the front of the Lodge have filled in dramatically since they were planted some eight years ago. While I love the look of the forsythia while they are blooming in the spring, truth be told they have become a pruning nightmare. As I wish to have the blossoms, they should not be pruned much after the big prune I do in June shortly after they finish their spring bloom But, by late summer they look quite unruly and are not pleasing additions to the front beds at all. So, fingers crossed, I fetched my best digging shovel this fall and dug two of the four out and moved them down to form part of the hedge I am growing to divide the play area behind Nutshell from the rest of the field. As winter froze up the ground, they appeared to be doing well... we shall see in the spring. Whether they survive their move or not, I know I have made the right decision. Perhaps fall of 2016 will see the moving of the remaining two forsythias. 

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