Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Back Entry Garden Created-Late Summer 2015

The new stairtower at the Lodge was looking a bit bare so we began by loading up the bricks originally from the main chimney that we replaced at Raymond Court and hauling them up to the Lodge to create a temporary walkway and border for a garden. Then of course there was the matter of removing 6 inches of the fill which is totally unsuitable for growing plants, and replacing it with some good garden loam. I had purchased a weeping white pine at the Skillin's Spring Open House auction which made a great accent to the right of the door. Dividing hostas I was able to plant a border along the outer edge of the bed and add a few by the pine to make the beds similar though the one on the right is much smaller. I then purchased some rose colored daylilies from Smokey's and added a variegated euonymous and some Solomon's Seal in the back corner. The addition of the urns on either side of the walkway gives me the perfect place to do some seasonal plantings. Eric built me a window box for the back windows of the stairtower which is such a perfect location as the plantings can be viewed from both inside and outside. The fall arrangement was removed and replace with boughs and berries and a string of battery operated lights made the box festive for the Christmas holidays.

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