Friday, June 5, 2015

The Barry Sturgeon Hosta Garden

Just begun last year, the new hosta garden affectionately named because the benches we created from pine stumps were fitted with tops given to us by good friend Barry Sturgeon. They are very wide, live-edge boards which Barry was clearing out and knew that if anyone could use them, it would be us. Sure enough, they make perfect benches for the new area. The problem with the new garden was that there was very little definition between the garden beds and the pathways. The hostas are not to a size yet where they cover the soil, nor has there been enough time to build up a pine needle mulch as of yet. So, we decided to buy a load of dark bark mulch for the beds. Though I don't plan to keep this up in future years, it really accomplished what I had hoped and gave a distinction between garden bed and path. Meanwhile, I brought in some sod chunks for the path from the newly expanded Event Field Garden and sprinkled some grass seed in an effort to grass over the paths. Would love to see this area improve before the Maine Hosta Society tour happens on July 11. I have an opportunity to buy more plants this weekend as I am off on a bus tour to Mason Hollow in NH, and to view three private hosta gardens along the way. That will provide me with even more ideas along with a shopping opportunity!

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Melissa Wand said...

The garden must be so lovely. I'd love to see all of your plant you bought for it. I wonder if they are flowers or trees. I follow several blogs on gardening, and share my thoughts with my writer from She's 61 and has two gardens in the village.