Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spring 2016... A Mild Winter, But A Cold April

Winter 2015-16 was most curious. We only needed plowing five times the entire winter and snow was pretty much gone most of the winter. So it should follow that everything gets an early start in the spring... but thanks to a late snow which collapsed a good portion of my daffodil blooms who were unlucky enough to have sent up their buds already, and stubbornly cold nighttime temperatures, plants were a bit confused in April. My nature to look on the bright side came up with the plan to cut any of the blossoms which had laid over and bring them in the Lodge, something I don't often allow myself the pleasure of since I just love seeing all the daffodils in the garden. I love the light this time of year! The bare branches of the hydrangeas and the spirea just glow in the late afternoon sun. The birch beams against the blue sky and the dark branches of the background trees. 

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