Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stair Tower Foundation Is Dug

Tom Hartford is the excavator who now works with Randy McClintick since Larry Hallowell has retired. He also does a lot of work digging graves for both humans and animals. I found it interesting that I had never really given a thought to what may happen when something like a horse or a pet goat dies, but now I know. We had asked if the foundation might be able to be done before our July vacation, since we knew that would be our largest block of time to get started on it. They were wonderful to work with that request as well as go along with our relaxed construction philosophies. It was so exciting to see the project get started. I already can imagine the quick trip between the pub and upstairs and how much easier that will make things. No more snow on our meals when I make the trip all out and around the Lodge like last year, being careful not to slip on the ice and snow underfoot.  

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