Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Framing the Stair Tower

We began framing with the thought that the roof would be standard cape style with the two side walls being 12 foot tall each. The amount of slope which this allowed was not as much as we would have liked given that we are getting older and the snow loads could be a problem which we would have to address with a ladder.So, we noted that a saltbox roof profile would not only solve the pitch problem, but would allow us to keep both the existing windows in the upstairs. The eight foot wall on the front would give a much more welcoming look to the entrance than the daunting twelve foot wall. We will install a full view door and on the back wall there will be a two foot wide by six foot tall double-hung window which allows for a view clear through the structure to the screenhouse. A six foot by six foot two window, double-hung unit will go in the end wall providing a huge view of the woods out back to both the Pub and the upstairs. We were so lucky to find this unit at the Westbrook Restore. It is a brand new unit, Paradigm, panes between the glasses for easy washing, and we purchased it for $400. We had gotten a quote from Lowe's for a unit with a rounded top, which was our original plan when we were going to have a cape style roof, for $3,000. That would definitely have completely blown our budget and quite frankly not a figure we felt justified in spending on a single window. Now with the saltbox roof style, I don't think I would have liked the rounded top unit anyway. 

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