Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Glen Hosta Garden Is Carved Out of the Pines

Although it doesn't photograph particularly well yet with its unmulched beds and barren paths, the Glen Garden will provide a happy home for all my 2014 hosta purchases and allow me room to expand in the future either by dividing my own plants or purchasing new ones. We took down about a dozen pines with two more slated for winter felling once the perennials have died back. We limbed up a half dozen others to allow some dappled sunshine to penetrate through the high branches of the pines we left standing. The soil in this area may have once been cultivated as it seems very good, but I still added some Plant Tone when I set in the new plants. A vacation trip to Ossippee Trails Nursery provided a couple new astilbes which make great companion plants to the hostas. Eric left four stumps just high enough to make benches from the great slabs of wood that Barry had given us. It will be a fun garden room as it provides such a nice view of all the other gardens and the Lodge itself. We left sufficiently wide paths for the mower as we anticipate the paths greening up with a combination of weeds and grass as all the other areas in which we have allowed the sunshine to enter have done. It is quite surprising how fast it fills in without any seed being scattered by me. The paths connect up with the paths to the Witch Walk and the back of the Hydrangea garden. Note in the second picture how I have encouraged my new plants to look toward their more established plants to encourage them to grow big and strong!

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