Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Past Time to Cut the Gardens Back

The last weekend of November is late to be cutting back the perennials in the gardens, but they still added so much interest to the landscape and with all the autumn rains, were still very green. Alas, I brought out my shears and cut much of the plants to their base, knowing that the spring clean up would be made much easier by doing so. Already, I can see the blossoms of spring on the Rhododendrons and Magnolia. The Forsythiabuds look almost ready to burst open and a quick paw at the ground reveals the daffodil bulbs are already looking forward to their mid-April debut. So, knowing that despite the gripping cold of winter is almost upon us, I know the promise of spring is not that far behind. It gives me great pleasure to know that it will be impossible for me to complete all my winter projects before the first signs of growth appear in Oak Hill Lodge's gardens. It is in that spirit that Eric and I built the above ground beds for a more serious attempt at vegetable gardening in honor of Grammie and Grandpa Bartlett late this fall. I have high hopes that a much more bountiful harvest will be had than the one provided by my "Deck Pot Gardens".

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Jessica Frackelton said...

You've still got me beat as I still have pruning to do before the snow flies this Sunday! Good thing I've got a warm navy-blue peacoat outfit to sit Lexi outside in!