Thursday, December 4, 2008

Burn Baby Burn!

All the cutting that had been done through the fall of 2004 was mounding up fast. We were keeping most of the "burnable size" wood, although it was mostly pine, it would still be a shame not to use it as some form of heat. We piled the smaller trees and all the roots and branches as best we could, but when Larry came with the excavator, it was a small job for him to move our piles and form one gigantic pile in the middle of the field. We would then wait for the perfect day to light it off. I kept bugging Eric ( I prefer the term asking) if we could do it, 'til finally on a day with far too little drizzle for a fire like that, we started her up! We lit both sides of it, probably a mistake, and it began to make the most hideous noise as sparks flew up into the air a good 30 feet! The entire pile burned through in about 4 hours... and I crossed my fingers for most of that, that nothing would go wrong as we still had no water on site just a light drizzle and some old snow banks we used to put out the coals. The satellite maps still show the black mark in the center of the field where this fire took place!

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