Thursday, January 26, 2017

Snowmen Invade Oak Hill

When we awoke, the snow was all we saw. It glistened in the warmth of a thirty-six degree day. The sun had made the powdery texture of the new fallen snow nice and sticky. Kat was all about making some fabulous creation and even requested food coloring to make her creation really special. The incredible result is pictured just under the group picture. Avery made the snow person adorned with the antlers in the next picture, nearby Lawson's donned skis and ski poles and Della, Peighton and Lexi worked to create yet another one. There were so many creative ideas Della and I decided to make one with kale for hair and Eric and I crafted a McEwan snowdog! What fun! It got cold right after so they graced the field for a couple of weeks, each warm day causing them to grow thinner and thinner.