Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Blast from the Past

We recently reconnected with some dear old friends; Brandy and Doug. We have been friends since the 70's and despite our careers and families getting in the way of actually spending much time together for the last 15 or so, once we got together the time melted away and it was like not a thing had changed. I often think that is what is the best sign of a "true friend". I am blessed to have several people in my life for which I can say the same. Owning a small business makes vacation time difficult and then when you factor in desires to see one's own grown children when you do have that precious little time, it makes it even MORE difficult to see dear friends.

I put this reflection on this blog because as you see in the picture, they are the family we always came to the land where Oak Hill Lodge now stands to harvest our families' Christmas trees each year. Brandy would always make hot chocolate for the kids and a delicious buttered rum for we adults. What fun! I see this picture and it all comes back to me. As time went by and lives got more hectic as the children went to school and got involved in a host of other activites, we eventually abandonned our much loved tradition and went our separate ways for our trees. I got involved with The Festival of Trees, and made the donation to purchase my tree after the festival was over. Those trees were farm raised and put the ones we used to get at the field to shame, but looking back the loss of the fun of the hunt should have meant more.

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