Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Small Step on the Floor, A Huge Leap for Oak Hill Lodge!

Thanks to our little buddy, who worked so hard on the project, the Lodge now boasts beautiful pumpkin pine finished floors! A terrible job, and one of the last really disruptive projects we need to complete, we tackled the sanding on Columbus Day Weekend. Lawson was with us on Saturday, so as you can see, we put him right to work. He loved the absence of furniture and took full advantage of using the naked floors as a great place to race his trucks. I have been looking forward to putting this project behind us for a very long time and the impact was every bit as dramatic as I thought it might be, especially when we laid the orientals back down. The play of colors between the orangy tones of the floor with the red in the rugs is sensational, and makes me "ooooh" each time I admire it. We went up to the Lodge to add another coat of poly each night that following week until the four coats had been achieved. We had purchased most of the poly on clearance sales and realized how lucky we were to have done so as poly is now over $50 a gallon! I could not believe it! The rental of the large orbital sander proved to be a minor expense, costing us just under $100. This accomplishment allows us to finish off many projects that had been waiting their turn such as the rear wall, the bookcases and baseboards.

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