Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Just Love Being At the Lodge!

As we left the old girl....

As we found the old girl, oops, no there is already a new bay window!
October 21, 2016 was a wonderful day for Eric and I. Our much loved home of 42 years was sold to a wonderful family who, I feel sure, will love it like we did. "The ghosts of four little girls" followed me from room to room after they all had grown up and left, and despite my efforts to make their rooms serve other purposes, they would always be THEIR rooms. It was a constant reminder that things would never be the same at Raymond Court... it made me miss them. Oh, I know... and I couldn't be prouder of them for doing so... it was what we raised them for... to go off and be successful, happy young women.... and that is what they have done.  Besides, the first book we ever bought for our library, back in 1974 was called, "Five Acres and Independence" so if you can allow yourself to believe in such things, it was fate that we should one day move to five acres, owned by many generations of ancestors in Nobleboro, Maine. The only downside is that Nobleboro is 25 minutes further from everyone, but mentally we are just forcing ourselves to accept it in return for the fulfillment of a dream. Besides, for 8 months a year, we will still be at the cottage, which isn't hard to take either!