Wednesday, February 4, 2015

More Pictures from A Very Love Filled Anniversary

I just got a bunch of new pictures uploaded from the girls which show so beautifully the amount of love and understanding the girls and a few of our closest friends have for our crazy projects! The girls and their wonderful husbands "got" the fact that we were feeling a lot of pressure to complete the chase so that we could have at least a few fires this winter in the new fireplace. It seemed like too much to try to work on the plans for a party when the Lodge is a bit of a construction site what with the stairtower and the hearth area mid-stream in completeness. I had given it a lot of thought, even bought a fancy dress for the occasion, but it just wasn't fitting in to the flow of things. But the girls just ran with the idea of just a few people, rental of a man-lift, lots of work to be done on the chase, a bit of raking to be done... and a LOT of fun with the grandkids.... a lovely dinner in the evening followed by some fun times in the Pub. A truly memorable anniversary. Thank you all again!

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