Tuesday, June 10, 2014

White Takes Dominance In the Lodge's Front Garden

The daffodils and tulips with their bold colors have faded from the front garden of the lodge. Now is the time for the whites to dominate. Bridal veil and viburnums will now take their moment of glory accented by zebra grass and the punch of color that the lavendar ground phlox (better known as Eric's favorite) offers up.I added some perennial geraniums with soft pink blossoms last fall, which are barely visible in the picture, but will soon fill in any blank dirt in the garden.  The Kousa Dogwood (foreground right) is usually beginning to bloom about now, but lags behind a bit this year due to the cold temps it endured in the winter and well into late spring. Soon the honeysuckle will be abloom, followed by the climbing rose. I added a ring of gold edger hosta around the ornamental pear to avoid a yearly purchase of annuals to cover up the gone by tulips. Now that a lot of my hostas can easily afford to be divided, I can begin "decorating" with them. Until now, I have concentrated on adding different kinds and allowing the older plants to get to their mature sizes. The oldest ones will turn eight this year. 

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