Monday, March 24, 2014

Come Spring... I NEED Some Color!

Spring will come slowly to Oak Hill Lodge this year. These pictures were taken March 23, they show that though the sun is warm and has melted away the snow where its glorious rays touch the anxious ground, where it cannot shine there is still a good foot and a half of snow. I wandered the field taking in the warmth of the sun, but closing up my coat collar against the brisk March wind. The snow is so crusty, in many areas I am able to walk atop it. The driveway, where it has been plowed is down to earth, which when we arrived was hard as rock, but within a couple hours, the sun had worked its magic and the very top of the ground had begun to muddy up. Walking by the hosta beds, I spied the very first sign I have found that spring WILL come. A cluster of 3 daffodil shoots were emerging from under the pine needle mulch. What a joyous sight!
I am so glad to see just the slightest promise that this long, cold winter will relent.

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