Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Root Cellar Pub

The Lodge has a full basement and we have chosen to name it The Root Cellar Pub both to play up the Oak theme and to honor the relatives who have helped to make Eric and I as well as our children and grandchildren who they are today. The 30 foot x 30 foot space was just fitted with a rubberized pad to prevent moisture from wicking up through the floor and spray foam insulation was sprayed around the rim joist and around the top of the matting to seal it  against the walls. I & S Insulation did a great job for us and we are anxious to proceed with both the wooden floor and the walls. First we must install a hearth so that Smith & May can bring a pellet stove insert to make it nice and toasty. We have received a pallet of bricks from Hunt Brothers Lumber and will begin work as soon as weather allows. In the bottom picture you can see the rest of the basement rooms in the background. Eric's workshop is on the right hand side and my art/hobby/storage room is on the left.

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