Friday, February 22, 2013

The Blizzard of 2013

February 9 & 10 brought a record breaking 30 inches of snow to the Portland jetport and although it was impossible to measure, similar amounts to Raymond Court, Blackwater Cove and Oakhill Lodge. We were lucky at Raymond Court as the winds drove the snow in such a manner that the driveway was largely sheltered from the drifts, the deck catching the brunt of them. We heard reports from Bob and Stephanie that the Cove was a wild place and the winds brought down yet more trees and that the plowing proved to be quite a challenge. The Lodge was really the funny one. The wind drove the snow right across the field, creating a ramp over the gardens in front of the Lodge, allowing the snow to go right up onto the deck until it hit the building whereby it backfilled 42 inches deep on the entire deck! Fearing the forecast of rain on Monday which would make the snow impossibly heavy, we took the snowblower and the ramps up to the Lodge on Sunday and four hours later completed the task of shoveling the deck. The snow was so deep I had to knock it into the snowblower's path as it could not handle the depth.  

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