Friday, January 11, 2013

 Allen Family Christmas was blessed with a fresh snowfall, making the slight hill that runs down toward the event feel perfect for little tots sledding. It was great excercise for Kat, Eric and I... especially pulling
them in the sleds on the Woods Walk! The snow was about 10" deep
so we could feel the old "thigh burn". The kids got all the experiences of
 winter sledding, crashes, tipping over, white-washing, snow up the snow
pants, down the boots and in the mittens. They went into the warm Lodge
red-cheeked and ready for hot chocolate! We were a bit worried about Drew and Vanessa travelling up to the Lodge as it was snowing quite hard at Oak Hill. To our surprise they reported that the roads were completely dry until they hit Edgecomb.... "Ha", I said, "just the way I

ordered it. I asked if we could have a picturesque snow falling, but only at the Lodge!"

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