Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Perogla

The far end of the Lodge has been undergoing major upgrades since last fall when we laid the rock making our patio and firepit area. We added a garden along the foundation which I filled with hosta divided from Raymond Court and which were previously from my Dad's garden on Riverview Drive. Though they aren't hostas that are currently in vogue, their sentimental value makes them special to me. We also strategically planted a wisteria vine last fall with the intent of building a pergola for it to climb on thus providing us with both structural interest and much needed shade on the patio. We spent many a Saturday morning during the winter looking at books and magazines trying to figure the best design, particularly for the ends of the roof joists. Oddly enough, the decision was made when we assembled the screenhouse as it came with supports that had a charming profile, proving to be the perfect pattern. Eric got all the various pieces cut and drilled the weekend prior, and we raised it this past Sunday. Lucky thing I might add, as the wisteria, once untangled, already reaches the roof. This weekend we will add the small cross pieces that will keep the roof beams from twisting and add more climbing opportunities for the wisteria. A quick coat of cedar stain and another project will be finished.

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