Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gardens Are Bountiful!

Despite a lack of rain in July, the gardens are especially beautiful this year. They have reached maturity and I have learned what does or does not work in certain locations and have moved things to accommodate their needs. Notice the field shot without the "hump"... a real joy to see, though lots of hard work to get it that way. The vegetable garden is doing very well although I struggle to keep it well-watered, which delays or stunts the yield I am able to achieve. When life allows, we will install the irrigation system that Eric gave me for my birthday a couple years back, and thay will be a tremendous help. In the meantime, there is plenty of lettuce, a good crop of tomatoes have started and some gorgeous purple peppers. The pole beans are just budding, so they will be a late crop this year. We had a good crop of peas and I have dug a couple of my potato plants, giving me a dozen or so good size red potatoes. Don't think I'll get the winter provisions from my efforts, but there is something very special about the process of raising your own food.  I planted the asparagus patch this year, particularly important to enter in this blog as it is not until the third year that I can harvest anything, and I am sure to forget its planting date!

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