Monday, July 16, 2012

Well, My "Sheep" is Missing Its Head
One of my great pleasures at the Lodge is to give the grandkids tractor rides. What I really want is a Gator, but since that is a bit out of budget for now, Patti found a tractor for me that her friend Jack was getting rid of as the mower deck had rusted off. It is a Husquvarna, oldie but a goodie, and it didn't take me long to paint it from orange to white. My intent is to make a trailor pulling sheep...afterall, what eats grass better than a sheep! This will also no doubt, keep Eric off of my tractor! This past weekend I cut the head for it, but didn't want to attach it until I add its leather ears, so have brought it home to do so. Meanwhile, it serves well without its head to whisk the children through all the garden paths, making stops at all the little outbuildings.

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