Monday, July 16, 2012

Hostas Huge and Healthy

The oldest hosta bed at Oak Hill is looking amazing this year what with the large amount of rain that fell in June and given that they range in age of between three and seven years in age. In fact, many have had to be moved and some I have been able to divide already. This first bed is mingled with astilbes and wormwood, along with some fast fading bleeding hearts. With the pine needle mulch and the size of the hostas, weeds are finding it increasingly difficult to compete for space... yipeee! A large amount of the hostas in this bed are from the gardens of Herb Hidu of Sheepscot and given my love for the larger species, it is dominated with Blue Angel, Krossa Regal, Elegans, Sagae and Sum and Substance, although many other varieties have found their home in this bed as well.

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