Monday, July 16, 2012

Bugs Beware!
You are about to be foiled! The Lodge is soon to have a new screenhouse thanks to Jess and Pete. They had hauled a trailer packed with what once was a screen porch on the side of their house before their new addition was added, in a huge crate all the way to Maine for us. The original design was three sided, but we were to construct a four sided structure, which meant a lot of planning what would fit where and whether the plan could be completed with the screen panels and railings provided. Armed with graph paper and plenty of erasers, we set out to design it. We managed with the help of spacers, to find a home for every panel and all but two of the spindles. New lengths of hand rails were purchased to close in two gaps in the rails. All that remains to be done is the hip roof. If I do say myself it looks beautiful in a very "Williamsburgesque" kind of way! Can't wait to complete the roof and slide the screen panels into place... then we will have a "bug-free zone" for evening cocktail hour.

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