Thursday, March 22, 2012

Winter's Over-What Winter?

Mother Nature was very kind to us this year. We only had one plowable snowstorm the entire winter in midcoast Maine. Even the oldtimers were remarking that they'd never seen such a thing! A part of me wants to worry about what this could mean... the entire global warming phenomena, water for wells this summer, fire danger, etc. ... but there is a large part of me who wonders if it is just not a cyclic thing, to be enjoyed and winter's wrath will return with a vengance next year. I choose to believe in the later. Last fall, I again ordered my 250 daffodil bulbs and Eric and I carefully placed them each in the ground occassionally surprised to find there was already one where we had intent to plant! We have high hopes of waves of daffodils lighting up the woods, the gardens and the pathways. This is a long range plan as it requires the removal of many more field pines with their hundreds of twisted, misformed dead branches, the purchase of thousands more bulbs and the patience to keep adding each fall. I look at it like a savings account... just keep adding, faithfully, putting in as much as you can...and eventually, you will get the look you are striving for. In the meantime, I can take great joy from the small displays of brilliant yellow which will dot the gardens soon. The leaves are up about 5 inches... so the timing should be just right for Easter.

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