Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween at Boootanicals!!!!

How do you combine a holiday which is meant to be scar, with little ones 2-1/2 or younger... with their short attention spans, early bedtimes and need for constant supervision???? Why... you take them to a late afternoon event at the Botanical Gardens in Boothbay! Grandad dresses as a beekeeper and Nana as a flower, so no one will be scared. Jess and Pete were Girl and Boy Scouts, (in the proper gender) and Lexi and Della were the cutest little Girl Scout Cookies you could imagine! Drew and Vanessa were characters from Curious George with Lawson playing the lead ... a very good part for the little monkey I must say! Kat and Pat were a Prince and Princess with Peighton as the dragon... surely the Prince will not slay this dragon! I still did the pumpkins... and made cupcakes for the "after-party"! It was a good transition from scary adult parties at the Lodge
to something much more "kid-friendly". We are already thinking of ideas for next year when the party returns to the Lodge.

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