Monday, August 17, 2009

Working on the Little Buildings

Great progress was made this weekend on the greenhouse (Oak Hill Nursery) and the playhouse (Nutshell). We got the sides put on the potting shed, shingled and painted them. This merges the greenhouse area to the potting shed and looks fabulous! I will get to give it a trial run soon as it is almost time for fall mums! We have had the windows for Nutshell since last summer, but had not had the chance to get them in. It is amazing how it moved the little structure from a garden shed look to what it is meant to be, a playhouse. Now I can start working on the inside, whenever the opportunity arises.

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Gigi said...

What a magical world you are creating! That greenhouse is simply perfect.

We did have a great trip to London. I was so glad my mum could come. She was a great sport, even with her sore hip, and we did loads of wonderful things while she was there. What a treat!