Monday, August 10, 2009

Move Over Martha!

The ladies are coming! The ladies of the Bath Garden Club are coming to visit Oak Hill Gardens. My excitement is only slightly dampened by my determination to "get stuff done". You can imagine that Eric is also feeling my enthusiasm to "put on our Sunday Best"! But, it was not ME who decided to launch us off on yet another "side project". We were going to work on the greenhouse this past weekend when Eric noticed the leg of the potting bench he had made me back in the 80's and I had used for years at Raymond Ct., was beginning to cave. Of course, this was largely caused by the fact it was twenty plus years old, was made from an old print shop counter (not pressure treated wood), and the potting soil container we had installed had been collecting rainwater as the roof overhang was not sufficient to keep it dry. Eric announced that it was not up to par for the ladies to see my potting table in such a condition and that we needed to build a new one NOW on the back of the greenhouse where the garden tools were to find their home. We were able to implement some of the old pieces of the potting bench, like the soil container and its lid, the upper shelving with bins for peat moss and perlite, and the upper shelving unit. There is a weather tight roof and it will be enclosed with sides and doors; three of them to be precise. One will be for the shovel, rake, hoe and other garden tools on the right- and double doors for the bench area. Ooooh, la, la! Ladies - eat your heart out! Can't wait to pot up my fall mums!

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