Monday, June 29, 2009

All Is Gray... and GREEN!

Despite four days short of a month of rain, my faithful friends still wish to be outside with me! Guiness who used to hate the rain, now tolerates it rather well and McEwan, who is quite happy to be dripping actually had had enough yesterday when I found him sitting patiently by the Lodge door hoping and praying I would let him in so he could dry off. The gardens of June 2009 are quite lush, although somewhat flat from the pounding rains we have had. Anything not staked tends to provide a home for slugs, the great enemy of the passionate gardener.
The honeysuckle seems to hold up rather well much to the gratitude of the hummingbirds.


Jessica Jay said... you think they could teach Tugg how to enjoy the rain? Lager will sit out with me all day, but Tugg is not so crazy about it. He'll barely go for his morning walk if there's dew on the ground!

Gigi said...

I love how lush your garden looks! If this rain doesn't stop, I think everyone's gardens will have to be water gardens. It is still pouring out as I write this. Sigh. Your dogs look very sweet, by the way!