Friday, February 6, 2009

Redwoods and Oaks

A photo from Muir Woods only begins to show the massive nature of the California Redwoods! A "tree hugger" and garden enthusiast, I really loved seeing these giant trees. Their bark is so beautiful with its rugged, craggy appearance and Casey told us that it contains chemicals which make it extremely resistant to the many forest fires which spontaneously break out in the dry heat of summer. The gift shop offered 6" seedlings which had been sterilized to insure no unwanted viruses would be transported with them, and we bought one to be shipped back to Maine. It must be raised in a pot for 3-5 years before being transplanted into the ground. Although I am not convinced it can withstand the Maine winters, I can just imagine this great tree joining the mighty oaks of Oak Hill.


Jessica Jay said...

Beautiful tree! I can't wait to see your budding sapling and will keep my fingers crossed that it can grow.

Vanessa Vera Mayer said...

How cool would that be if it did grow! It will love the lodge!