Friday, February 6, 2009

California or Bust!

Eric and I went on a big adventure, visiting Casey and Erica in San Francisco. They were amazing tour guides! We saw SO much of the Bay Area, including observing (cautiously) Elephant Seals mating ritual at Ana Nuevo, vineyard tours in Nappa and Sonoma, and visiting the great Redwoods of Muir Woods. Somehow, I am able to relate most everything to Oak Hill Lodge.... (well, except possibly the seals!). The barrels in which the fermenting wine was stored at Rombauer Vineyard were made of oak. We went on a tour of the wine caves and there were thousands of barrels. Our guide explained that they were made of French Oak rather than American Oak as it is 200+ years old vs. 50-100 years for American (although 4 times the price, the age adds much to the fermenting process).... so thankfully, I guess the oaks of Oak Hill are safe for a while! The wine was superb, the company the best... and I learned yet more about one of my favorite things!

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