Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Concept

The land came to us in late summer of 2003, right while I was chairing the Red Cross Ball which I had done for 3 years previous. We weren't sure just what we would DO with the land at first... and then... BAM... within a few weeks, Vanessa announced her engagement to Drew Mayer on Sept. 11, 1974 and only 5 days later, Jess announced her engagement to Peter Frackelton on Sept. 16. Painfully aware of the limited number of suitable event halls in the area, familiar with the prices that the more suitable ones would charge, I had one of those EUREKA moments while coming home to Raymond Court with a load of lumber for the dormers which Eric was working away on. Warning him that he should come down from the ladder before hearing my "fabulous" idea, I announced that I thought we should build a family Lodge... where we could all gather.... built like a barn.... and have the weddings there! We could all work on it... and if the girls would agree to it, the costs of the event halls would help to offset the cost of its construction. Henceforth, no matter how large the family grew, we would have a place for them to gather all in one room. It would be a lovely, homey place, but one where children and pets could frolick without worry. The only really separate place would be the bathrooms of which we would put three: a men's, a ladies' and a family bath. There would be a kitchen large enough to prepare meals for many guests. We could even rent it out to others! From the time we had bought Raymond Court, we had thought we would only be there for a short time as we dreamt of a place in the country. We had even purchased a book entitled "Five Acres and Independence"
the first year we were married.... but, the girls came along... the house was still a work in progress (are they ever not?) and then came school, and activities, and friends... and long story short, a house so close to everything we needed proved too comfortable and the thoughts of a country house took a back seat. So, this idea of a Lodge, our long awaited Country House, with acres to garden.... seemed like an idea whose time had come!

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